1/Dough rises quickly if you place your bread dough,
on a heating pad turned to low,it will rise in no time.

2/A few paper towels placed in the bottom of your crisper
will absorb moisture and keeps fruit and vegetables fresh longer.

3/Use any leftover baked potatoes to make twiced baked potatoes.
Slice the potatoe in half,scoop out,mash it with cheese, sourcream,
chives,onions,salt and pepper and rebake until heated through.

4/Add leftover gravy to soups and stews for a rich flavor.

5/A coat of clear varnish on candles will make them,
burn longer and drip less.

6/Soak your perspiration soaked clothes in salt water,
vinegar and water or lemon juice for about 15 minutes,
before you wash them.

7/To restore white socks,boil them in water and a slice of lemon.

8/Rub a slice of lemon over your hands to remove nicotine stains.
Lemon will also remove food odors such as garlic and onion,
from your fingers.

9/To sharpen scissors,cut through a sheet of fine sandpaper.

10/Keep throw rugs from slipping by pasting jar
rubbers onto the undersides.

11/An old book can be turned into a secret hiding place by
cutting the center from center from several of the inner pages
to create a hole for the storage of valuables.
Close the book and replace on the shelf.

12/Buy bargains at the bakery when on sell,
the freeze them until you need them.

13/Soak a new broom in hot heavily salted water
to give it a longer life.

14/Add cornstarch to your bathwater to take the pain
out of your sunburn.

15/A pizza cutter doubles as a tracing wheel to mark
your pattern as you cut your fabric.

16/Save soap scraps and use them for marking patterns,
the soap is easy to remove.

17/Use cracked nutshells or fruit pits in the bottom
of your plant pots to provide proper drainage.

18/Sprinkle baking soda in the bottom of ashtrays to
keep cigarettes from smouldering.
Cuts down on odors and makes cleaning much easier.

19/Place a few rubber bands around a childs drinking
glass to give a better grip.

20/When you get gum in your hair,rub peanut butter
into it and remove the gum easily.

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