Well i guess you came to this
page to know more about me and my family!
My name is Karen and i'm from Espanola Ontario.
I'm 40 years old and i've been married for 16 years!!
My husband George is 56 years old and he works for Domtar
I have 2 daughters,Carrie age-21
Ashley age-14
I'm a stay at home mom-wife-and homemaker
Oh yeah did i mention that i'm a stepmom too....
If anyone ever tells you that being a stepmom is easy,
Well take it from me,it's NOT....
And it will never be...
Some stepkids are just plain trouble....
That's about all i'm going to say,on this subject.
My interests are reading,crafts,surfing the net,
I enjoy going to yardsales,listening to country music,
And drinking Coors Light Beer.
I also collect plates,thimbles and cans.
My recent collection is beanie babies.
*Pic of me*

*Collection Of Cans*

*My Husband Made This Cabinet*

*Some Of My Plates*

*Some Of My TeaPots*




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