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    In the distance you can see it now as wonderment comes upon you when you begin to wonder if it can be true.  The wind blows in a gentle breeze as the stone can be seen within the night‘s light.  Could it be, a graveyard lost to the whims of time as the water slowly overtakes its remains? 

     As the canoe approaches the spot of which the stone rests, the tension rises as the possibility of it all begins to become all to clear.  A wolf’s cry can be heard from the shores not too far from here.  In fact the wolf is very visible to the naked eye.  It howls towards the skies and the sound of its voice is soothing to ones ears.  As your mind once again focuses upon the stone the marking on the stone stand out, “A defendant gravestone.” Although most of the words have been lost to the sands of time, the letters RIP is clearly marked still somewhat above the water.  At the top of the stone is the marking of what appears to be the shape of an eye. 

     This place almost seems like its own point in time that as become frozen forever. Calm yet eerie, dark yet enlightening, even the air around here smells different.  The feeling of death and forever youth seems to reach out for you as you find yourself entranced with your surrounding.  As you begin staring into the eye shape the wolf howls can although still be heard, now no more then a whisper as you becomes hypnotized by the life like of the eye.  Reaching out to just touch the edge of the stone an unnoticed hawk flies overhead as it squawks out shocking you as if telling you not to touch the gravestone.  But it has become too late for that as your hand poked the very center of the eye from the shock just as you fall into the canoe once more.  Regaining your balance quickly to notice the stone undamaged you sigh in relief, then gasp, as you notice not one but two swirling masses only best spoken as tares or rips in thin air, beside the gravestone. 

     An older males voice seems to speak from inside both of them causing an echo. “Come on will you, I do not have all day, choose the way you prefer. Frames to your left and no frames to your right, now come on or are you to fearful to enter. 

     “So what shall it be... left, right, or leave?” the question that begins playing in your mind. 

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