"Rurouni Kenshin". Well… There is no simple way to describe this absolutely wonderful series, except to admit that it is one of the most amazing, touching, not to mention beautifully drawn series I’ve ever seen.

Last Updated: July 31, 2001. Nope, I'm not dead! Neither is my interest in the RK series. Hooray! ^_^x; However.... after 2 years of no updates... it seems that this site is dead. I'm sorry guys, but school and, well, life got the better of me. I do still very much love "Rurouni Kenshin", but... I just don't have the enthusiasm to update this site anymore. I have a ton of other interests besides just RK. Of course, you guys probably noticed. O.o;;; The only website that I still keep updated is my personal site, Angel Mercury's Island of Creativity. It houses all my art, writing, poetry, etc... everything that I create from my heart, I put there.

So, seeing as I really haven't felt the enthusiasm to update this site anymore.. I am officially declaring it frozen in time. No, I am not deleting it. I am leaving everything exactly as is... (I hope there aren't TOO many broken links! Yes I'm aware of the broken music links, but I lost the files when my comp died a year ago, so I can't fix them.) So, that said, enjoy the site. I hope. ^_^;;; I might still update it one day... but until then... this site will be frozen in time, forever, or until the server kills it or something. :P j/k. *HUGS* to all, and may the Kenshin (or Kaoru, or whoever you like best) be with you. ^_~x

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"Special Mention" stuff

The Madly In Love With Kenshin Society! I think that's all that needs to be said... hehehe ^_-x (and yes, that page gets more updates than this one.. :P)

The best RK MailingList around, if you ask me. ^_-x

Chat ni Kenshin

THE best RK chatroom!! It's not just a chatroom, it's become a family. Though not many people visit it anymore. :( Anyway I'm Yuri-chan there. Stop by and say hi!!

Kenshin WWWBoard

A very nice RK board from the maker(s) of the SASS ML and Chat ni Kenshin. Go, post! I'll see you there as Yuri-chan.

The Kamatari Shrine

My lil' Shrine to the prettiest man in RK - Kamatari! ^.^v

Angel Mercury's Temple of Creativity

Liked this page? Then please visit my real homepage! It has all of my writings and artwork, and more! ^_-x


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