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A Shrine To Akane!

Warning: graphics intensive site!

Sure, it's small, but it's getting spiffier!

I have some nice pictures here, but not too many -- there are a LOT of Akane pages out there already! We'll just link you to those places!

I have a nice scanner and a powerful computer with Adobe Photoshop, and even access to a friend's screen capture equipment... but, aside from owning nearly all of the Ranma Nibunichi tankoban, I don't have a lot of material to draw from. Because of that, I'm displaying several images that I picked up elsewhere on the web, rather than just stuff I scanned myself.
I've created a ton of GIF89 images (the ones with transparent backgrounds, like Princess Akane up above) for my web pages here. These can look really nice on a web page with nothing else around them or text off to one side, and I happen to think that I've done a very good job on all of them, so I want to put them in one place for people to see and download for their own uses. But they don't look very good grouped all together -- it's not asthetically pleasing to my eye, anyway -- so I've decided to place all of them on a seperate page. Also, there are a ton of superdeformed "chibi" Ranma 1/2 imaages out there on the web, and I'm trying to collect them all on one page! All of this allows me to create another neat background using more of my GIF89 images, and new buttons! Fun!

gif89 shrine chibi shrine
Gif89 Shrine Chibi Shrine

Click on the image to view the actual file.

Just Akane

akaquiet 45k 297w x 421h AKAQUIET.JPG
akanerage 82k 471w x 479h AKANERAGE.JPG
akaneserious 56k 411w x 290h AKANESERIOUS.GIF
sweet 55k 640w x 480h SWEET.JPG
akanebook 56k 389w x 480h AKANEBOOK.JPG
bigranma 103k 660w x 470h BIGRANMA.JPG
akanefight 53k 636w x 469h AKANEFIGHT.JPG

Ranma and Akane

ranmaakane 37k 263w x 322h RANMAAKANE.JPG
cooking 32k 400w x 265h COOKING.JPG
whirlwind 116k 527w x 792h WHIRLWIND.JPG
topsy 105k 616w x 609h TOPSY.JPG
swimsuits 42k 255w x 490h SWIMSUITS.JPG
argue 15k 240w x 177h ARGUE.JPG
booklet 50k 316w x 480h BOOKLET3.JPG

Ranchan By Him/Herself

catranma 57k 412w x 408h CATRANMA.JPG
ranchan 61k 300w x 426h RANCHAN.JPG

Group Pictures

ranranakane 108k 610w x 906h RANRANAKANE.JPG
akaneandfriends 145k 505w x 721h AKANEANDFRIENDS.JPG
swimpals 48k 258w x 370h SWIMPALS.JPG
sisters 74k 633w x 474h SISTERS.JPG

Enough Akane Links to make you sick, in no particular order. Well, they're actually somewhat organized now.

Serious Akane Tendo Shrines!

Lesser Pages About Akane

Weird, Unusual, and Lame Akane Links

Pray That These People See The Light! ^_^

  • The Anti-Akane Page
    I'd list more anti-Akane sites, but, well, there aren't any! Gee, I wonder why? ^_^

Just For The Heck Of It...

  • The Church Of Ryoga
    I'd be remiss if I didn't have at least one P-Chan link... and this is a really good one!

I desperately need to update my links! Gomen! I've got some new chibi gifs up, by the way!

Akane 9-4-98


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Emiko's Genesis!


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