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Hi my name is StarBuck aka Lynd's Cutler. This is my Fan Fiction achieve that SUX but then again I am blond. Hey! Did I write that?

Well anyway this is my Fan Fiction site which I hope is good and I'll try to update it when ever I can and only if people send me feed back. Good, bad and down write awful! All of that just really boosts my ego so much!-sarcastic

Any way I love StarGate and decided to do something for it and if any one living in Australia has the episodes before 'Fire and Water' on tape I would really love for you to e-mail me. Thanks.

ANY WAY! ON WITH THE SHOW!!! Warning! Disclaimer ahead. Every one has to have one…

Disclaimer: They're all mine ya hear! There all mine! Ha Ha Ha Ha- evil laugh. So you can go and shove that pole up your… Back to the point. They're not mine (sigh) they belong to Fox and Showtime or some one or thing like that. Don't sue me because I don't have any thing. Thank You.

PROPER DISCLAIMER:- STARGATE is a registered trademark of MGM/UA and SHOWTIME-Online. This fanfic site is not intended as an infringement to those rights and is written solely for entertainment. No copyright infringement intended. Please e-mail with thoughts, good the bad and the ugly -


Dead or Alive

Is Daniel dead or alive? Rated M+13 I think, if you want to change it e-mail me.

Hathor must die

Sg-1 find Hathor and she decides she still would like Daniel as her 'pet' forever.

Hathor must die. Part2

Look above at Part 1.

Hathor must die. Part3

Look above at Part 1+2

Hathor must die. Part4

Yes, this is the final one (I think)


After a mission without sleep Daniel finally cracks it.


On a normal mission Sg-1 meets a new friend who takes a liking to Daniel. (It's a wolf, not human)


Another ending for 'Enigma'. Not quite finished, I need help!


That's a surprise! Ha Ha, I love to tease. Read it for your self. It's probably my best (Doesn't say much!)


A power surge from the gate causes one of sg-1 to loose their memory.

Bizzare one

My ending for the 'Tin Man'.


A fire breaks out.

Something so Stupid

Another wee bit that’s just plain silly!

Just a Wee Bit Stupid

What can I say, I’m bad at titles.

Running Away

With the team gone, Daniel has nothing to lose.


The team get stranded in a very weird place.

Metal Objects

Ever wanted to just let loose? Well, finally Daniel does!

Serpent's Wisdom

After math of Serpents Lair (I think that’s the episode, the one were they leave Daniel behind in the Gou’ald ship, after the alternate reality)

Danny the Great Golfer Player

Jack’s get a little peeved after a mishap with a golf club.

3rd Dimensions

Some one decides to eliminate Daniel and Sam from the project.

Danny of the Jungle

Daniel realises one of their missions is a trap, but a very weird one.

Day 1 Prisoners

Sam & Daniel are kidnapped and think about all they've been through, well, kind of. It's hard doing these summaries!

Causualties of Love

Number 2 in the Casualties Series, the first is called 'Day 1 Prisoners'. It's a continuation.

Causualties of Water

Number 3 of the above.

A Matter of Minutes

Missing Scene from "A Matter Of Time" What Jack was thinking while waiting to blow the base.


Missing Scene From "Need".

The Adventure

1 injured gal, one hero playing Danny and one week alone! What would you do?!

Revenge is Sweet pt. 1

After a rather weird fight, Daniel and Sam set out to get revenge, unfortunatly, some Colonel's just always get in the way.

Revenge is Sweet pt. 2

Number 2 of the above.

Revenge is Sweet pt. 3

Numer 3 of the above.

To Run Like All Bloody Hell

Locked Fingers


After Hathor had her way with Daniel and Sam finds him, a few thinks come to light.

That's Just the Way it Is

Set Before COTG, a small what if piece, but it doesn’t change the TV series in any way but emotional.

Out of Love

1st POV: Sam. Thoughts and actions during ‘OofM’.


Into the fire? I think it's that one, the one where Hathor dies.

The Chemicals Between Us Pt.1

The Chemicals Between Us Pt. 2



Long live SG-1 which happens

to be the best show on EARTH!

Oh and I guess it's the best show

in the gate system too…

My current e-mail address is…

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**Kristy who has helped so much and done the whole site for me, and been a great friend**
*Everyone who has helped, commented, & lots of other stuff!*
*My bestest best friend Danny*

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