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As the saying goes (started by Plato and finished by someone in the 20th century), "The Unexamined Life is not worth living, the Unlived Life is not worth examining" :) The purpose of this site is to share the author's opinions, experiences and tastes with the rest of the internet populace. If you happen to think that some/anything was criticized unfairly, or omitted inexplicably, email me in a civil manner to

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Trip Index
- all the places I've ever visited up to 2003.

- favorite links.

My 200+ Favorite Films - in alphabetical order by decade.

My Film Review Page on IMDB -(some opinions are outdated, check the updates page for most recent reviews)

CD Collection (68 kb) by genre. Updated with new aqcuisitions. In .xls format. Outdated, since my current music is mainly in mp3 format.

DVD Collection by Genre
, courtsey of
and DVD Collection by Year (.xls, 31 kb). Updated with new aqcuisitions. Small font/italic titles are VHS.

Life List of Films
Titles in bold font I consider good, and would recommend. Large font/underlined denotes a part of my collection. Not included are miniseries, tv-serials, and made-for-tv films. In .xls format (70KB). Updated monthly.

American Film Institute 100 Greatest Movies - my commentary website with a full review -(completed in Jun. 99, some opinions are outdated)

Artist-Museum Project (129 kb) : basically, a crossreferenced excel spreadsheet showing the number and type of paintings by some 140+ Renaissance and Baroque artists in each of some 50+ major US and European museums. A result of many months' research, still incomplete. I update it occasionally. The key to abbreviations (in a separate tab) may be helpful.

My Mother's Poetry Site - which I helped design and maintain since '01.

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