I've decided to create this page mostly as a place to have all my elf-characters in one place and to have a place to put stories and poetry about them, but I thought it would be cool to create an Elfquest holt and so here it is!

I cannot stress this enough, Elfquest and all things regarding Elfquest are (c) WaRP Graphics and will always remain so. I love it enough to want to get involved fan-wise.

The history of RavenBrook Holt goes back as far as Talltracker, brave and sturdy son of Wolfheart and Willowbranch, brother of Quickthrust. He led a fraction of the elves from Wolfhaven Holt, once home to Two-Spear, north and found denning caves and a freshwater stream to bath in, fish and drink from a few seasons after the death of his chief-father Wolfheart.

RavenBrook Holt recieved it's name due to the large, black birds nesting in the craggy mountains near the elves' new dens and the clear-water brooke running through their new home. Long Journey, a young elf maiden born of recognition between two elves during the hard trek Talltracker led, came into her animal-bonding powers early, at the age of five seasons. With seemingly little effort, the cub coaxed the great ebony beasts into the elves sway.

The seasons turned and elves died as new elves were born and the bond between elf and raven became so strong that all at once, or little by little, both bird and elf realized they needed each other far more than little Long Journey would have thought possible.

Now, eight chieftians from Talltracker, the small band of elves rides the great night birds through the air in search of game, cublings bond to hatchlings as soon as they are able to fly the nest and both chick and cub grow side by side, defending each other, playing and fighting as siblings do.

A the seasons passed, moon-dance after moon-dance, the new tribe, though still close to the decendants of the wolf-pack that had traveled with Talltracker and clan and elves still bonded with the wolves, there seemed to be more and more Raven-bonding elves born as the seasons turned. Though, as it has been known to happen, some elves bond with a wolf and a raven and thus have two animal-friends.

Chieftess Weepingshale is the leader of the tribe now, she dens with her lifemate, Bloodhowler and her five year old daughter; Seedling. It is uncertain how old she is, but most say she around 200 to 250 seasons olds, a fairly young chief, by elven standards.

Weepingshale has recognized for a second time, a feat worthy of aknowledgement within any elven group, and though she isn't speaking, most suspect Coldarrow of being the new cub's sire

Weepingshale has soft blonde hair, light blue eyes and a calm, tranquil temperment. She would much rather be watching and admiring, than doing and recieving the admirition. Yet, her tribemates admire her for her kindness, wise-counsel and patience.

Here is list of current elves in RavenBrook holt
These are fictional characters, created from my own mind using the wonderful world of Elfquest and it's people as created, and owned, by Wendy and Richard Pini. I am merely treading carefully through their world and wish to step on no toes as I wander about.

With the exception of the chieftess, Chari, Snake, Grass, Dunesand and Ayini these elves are available for adoption, if you want to join RavenBrook Holt but don't want to take the time to make up your own character.

I would highly suggest you make up your own, because that is where the fun is...creating a character and then participating in the shaping of his or her life by writing stories for his site, or creating artwork focused around your character or other characters in RavenBrook Holt to give depth to this website and this holt.

But the holt characters that are available for adoption are also available for story fodder. Come on, let our imaginations roll.

Create A Character!

RavenBrook Chieftians timeline!Ooooh...Aaaaah!

The Tribe!

Chieftess Weepingshale (That would be me!)
Coldarrow (Male)

Contact Tribemates!


Chieftess Weepingshale: Windtail(female) (Raven) and Redsnout(male) (Wolf)
Bloodhowler: Icebiter(male) (Wolf)
Roughcall: Caw(female) (Raven)
Lastfall: Cloudhigh(female) (Raven) and Leaper(male) (Wolf)
Seedling: Coppertoe(male) (Wolf)
Songdaughter: Shystalker(female) (Wolf)
Gemsinger: Timbergale(male) (Wolf)
Glitterfall: Ivory(female) (Wolf) Strongwing (male) (Raven)

Though Your Not Here...The Dead/Gone

Whitedeer(Glitterfall's mother)
Softgrass(Glitterfall's father)
Nightbreeze (Glitterfall and Preyhowl's lifemate...mother of Silentmoon. Currently dwelling with the Sun-Goes-Down elves with no memory of her family at RavenBrook. She's even taken a new lovemate.)
Preyhowl (Glitterfall's and Nightbreeze's lifemate, father of Silentmoon.)
Evenheart(Nightbreeze's mother)

Please, please, RavenBrook is a newly formed online Elfquest holt and is badly in need of both members and submissions or either artwork, stories or poetry. Please, email me at Skayda with your submissions for RavenBrook Holt.

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