Hello there. Welcome to my page!! My name is Jonathan. But, you can call me Jon or (my self-given nickname) Jon97. I'm 19 years old.. read my about me page for more details.. ;-) Hope you enjoy the journey into my heart (my page is me..)

Thank you for being person number to visit my page since Dec. 16, 1997

If you ever need help or want me to make you a page, I'd be glad to do it!!


"about me" page
(find out all kinds of stuff about me and what I like.. ;-) .. what I believe, prayers of mine that have been answered.. etc.. all KINDS of stuff)
weekly e-mail newsletter
(God told me to start a weekly newsletter type thingy with my poetry and a devotional I wrote in it. So, here it is...)
pages I've created
(all kinds of pages... including a music page... a prolife page... an anti-abuse page... an unofficial tourniquet page.. a picture creations page.. and much more... ALL kinds of pages)


my poetry
(my greatest hobby is writing poetry. I've written over 750 poems!!! Here are about 100 of them, including the most recent)
my other writings
(I also have written a few other things... here they are... includes my testimony.....)
pages I've helped create
(I did the HTML (or most of it) and they did the writing.)
(Here are some links to all kinds of other awesome sites on the internet.)
(see the whole two or three awards I've won since I started on the net)
my ring
(I manage a ring... called "Jon97's ring of Christian friendship." This is the main page for it.)
rings I'm part of
(I'm part of some Christian rings on the net. Here is a list of all the rings that I am a part of or am in the queue of.)

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