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* If you like JavaTricks visit my Crazy page.

* Introduction here are a little presentation, data about me and more things related to me and my hobbies.

* My text editor specially designed for C/C++ programmers is available here. For more information take this link.

* Some things ARE free in this world, yes believe it or not there are free things in this world. Some things are more or less free but you'll find free stuff here.

* DJGPP is a whole programming environment for DOS. Is the best package that you can find to create DOS 32 bits protected mode applications and IS FREE.

* Very Important Links (VIL ;-) this section contains important links that you must look.

* Visit my Say Hi! page, here I have a little collection of Hi/Bye from around the world.

* Here are more of my little Animations

* Sound Player Here are some information about one of the best sound players in the world: RepVoc.

* I adapted some plasma demo effects to SVGA, if you like plasmas come here.

* A small comparisson between gcc, egcs and pgcc compilers using Watcom 10.0a as reference.

* Turbo Vision port to djgpp and Linux.

* InfView that's a tool to read info files, that's the format used by the FSF. InfView is easy to use and have a nice user interface.

* SDCC for DOS. SDCC is a free C compiler for the x51 family of microcontrollers. The compiler is retargetable so in the future will support other microcontrollers. I ported the code to djgpp, just a few touches here and there.

* End of Page notes about this page, copyright, e-mail, feedback, etc. All the normal stuff that's at the end of any Web page.

* Please stop with these graphics!, they are killing my connection. If this page is too heavy for your connection take this link to an "only text" page.

Hi!, my name is Salvador Eduardo Tropea, aka SET (guess why ;-). I live in ARGENTINA, a beautiful country in the south of South America (Tango, Maradona, etc ...).

As my language is Spanish I have some errors writing english so please forgive me.

I'm an Electronics Engineer and my main hobby is the informatics. I expend a lot of my free time writing programs, mainly in C/C++. Other of my hobbies are: my Bike, collect some silly things and the plants.

You can find much more information about me in this page.

Yes FREE. As I told you there are free things in this life.

As an example this home page belongs to a free web space called Geocities I'm really grateful for this, and if you don't have your own web space go ahead and take the link!.

But that is only an example, the computers needs software to be useful and the enterprises discovered that a lot of years ago and are exploiting that at the maximum level. Today is very common see that the software costs more than the hardware and people making fortunes of more than 36,000,000,000 of dollars just selling software!

Not all is like this in the world, there are Operative Systems for free and development tools for free. Don't believe? well take a look to my "A free software world" page, in this page I list just some examples of free Operative Systems and free development tools. I know more about these kind of tools because I use these tools so if you know about other softwares and want to add it to the list just contact me using e-mail.


If you need to create DOS applications in C/C++ (other languages and Windows are supported but not as well as DOS) you must check that.

If you have the idea that free means bad supported or not as good as ... you are TOTALLY WRONG!. I used Borland compilers before discovering DJGPP and I can say you the support is thousand of times better and the quality is superior. If you don't beleive me perhaps you can understand that: Id Software used djgpp to make the DOS Quake. So if this people used that to make such a great game ...

One of the advantages of djgpp is that it's a port of the GNU C compiler (gcc) so if your projects are UNIX programs or you plan to port your application to UNIX (a growing platform since Linux appear) the best choice is djgpp. Visit my page about DJGPP, here you'll find some features of the package and A LOT of links to djgpp stuff and programming information.

If you already know about djgpp visit my Links page and my DJGPP's Web Ring page.

Very Important Links

* The page of one of my friends at work.

* Axxón is the best SciFi electronic magazine that I ever saw. Is in spanish because is made in Argentina.

* The Link Exchange program:

LinkExchange Member Free Home Pages at GeoCities

* Here you can get a FREE WEB SPACE, not 35Kb like others but 11Mb!

This page hosted by Geocities Get your own Free Home Page


* This page was designed in 800x600 mode so I guess it looks better in this mode.

* I used some graphics and I'll add more, all of them are 256 colors so the page looks Ok only if you have 32768 colors or more.

* I test this page with Netscape so I guess looks better with it.

* The background is black because is much better to hide errors in the images.

* I used large fonts to make it easy to read, that doesn't make the page more greater (in terms of bytes) so I guess is better.

* The title, SET rotating animation and djgpp banner were designed by me.

* This page is rated by RSAC. The rate is: Nude=1, Sex=0, Violence=0, Language=1 mainly because of the LinkExchange and GeoCities banners.

Construction This page is EVER under construction Construction

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I have 10.5 Mb of files here, check my "stats" page

You can contact me by e-mail salvador@inti.gov.ar

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