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This site was developed as a tribute to those men and women who have, who are now and who will serve this great country of ours. While this page mostly depicts my Navy career, I wish to honor all branches of the military, for with out any one of them, our great military "team" would be severely weakened. I chose to develop it from the Naval point of  view simply because that is an area that I know, but it is in NO way meant to take away from the importance of any of the other branches of our great military family and team.

Throughout my 18 years in the Navy, I have had the opportunity to work with many dedicated men and women from all of the other branches of our military and have done so with a great deal of pride and admiration.

I have worked with the Army on special joint service projects with there Patriot and communications teams; I have worked with the Marine Corps during Naval Gun Fire Support missions and Shipboard Security Force and Boarding Team training; I have worked with the Air Force in various joint service exercises ranging from aerial radar surveillance to fighter air coverage to protect high value battle group assets; I have also worked with the Coast Guard during Counter Drug Operations in the Caribbean.

These are only a few examples of how we all work together and it has given me a first-hand look at the significance of each member of our great military team and the importance of each in accomplishing our mission of keeping America safe from any type of threat.

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