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Welcome to Blaze Land

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Hi all... You've happened your way into Blaze Racers homepage. From here you can use the navigation bar at the bottom of every page to get to all my other pages which include topics like hotrods, football and heavy metal.

If your into hotrods, I have three pages here that may suit you. One is devoted to my dragracing S10 Blazer, another to cars and stuff owned in days gone by and another to the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA).

My football page is one of the best on the net. It's got team info, stats, standings and an on-line weekly pool that's fun to play. Don't miss out on this one.

If you really like my page, on your way out through the exit page, please be sure to sign my guestbook and place your URL there. It will automatically link back to your page.

I just aquired a 69 Camaro. Check it out as restoration begins.

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