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Stephanie Cameron

Stephanie Cameron

Stephanie Cameron....began modeling as a teenager in Kansas before moving to Los Angeles. She took over the popular role of Jennifer Blake on DAYS last winter. Stephanie always wanted to act and has appeared on stage in Noises Off and A Time in History.

With beauty befitting the silver screen, DAYS Stephanie Cameron(Jennifer) lights up afternoon television with sophisticated sensuality. Her body is graceful, and her eyes reflect a warmth and intelligence that go beyond her scripted words. There's an adventurous quality about Cameron, too.

"I love having fun, finding the lightness in the moment and not taking situations, or myself, too seriously, " says the actress, who radiates a sense of openness to people around her.

Cast-mate Roark Critchlow(Mike)responds to Cameron's "statuesque beauty and poise." Notes executive producer Tom Langan: "The men of America are ready for an awesome poster:Stephanie fits the bill."

whiteballAn audio clip of Jennifer(Stephanie Cameron)talking to Abby.

She says "Well she would say.. Please comb my hair and would say I'm too sleepy will you please put me to bed!"(She's explaining to Abby about her doll Chatty Cathy)

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