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"Our bodies are our gardens, to which our wills are gardeners."


Hi, I'm Lori, also known as "Smurfette" :-)
This site is dedicated to all my friends....... online and off,
as well as my favorite people: Kids!!! (...and the people who love them)
This site contains a fun page for kids, and a fun/helpful site for teachers. It also contains a page dedicated to helping the children who need us most. And also contains some personal pages, if you want to know a bit about me :) , and other fun stuff (See contents, below).
All my pages are safe for all ages. So take a stroll in my garden,
and leave your footprints in my guestbook when your stroll ends.

Over the Garden Wall

Over the garden wall
Where unseen children play,
Somebody threw a ball
One fine summer day.
I caught it as it came
Straight from the hand unknown,
Playing a happy game
It would not play alone

A pretty ball with bands
Of gold and stars of blue;
I turned it in my hands
And wondered, then I threw
Over the garden wall
Again the treasure round--
And somebody caught the ball
With a laughing sound.

----Eleanor Farjeon


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