Waltz Across Texas
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Deep In The Heart Of Texan
~Travelin' Man~

Howdy! Ya'll come on in, grab yourself a cup of coffee and set a spell.

Most of ya'll know how industry changes. I'm just another person caught up in it. I've left Texas, but I haven't left the volunteering that I've always been doing. I still back these folks and everything that they do and are trying to do for mankind. And I, in my little way, want to help bring their messages to as many people as I can.

So here on my pages are still the ideals of volunteerism and how it should work, no matter who or where you are. I want to use these pages to get the message out about the charities I have worked with. I will tell you a little about my involvement with each of these organizations. I'll be addin' more as I go, but here is a start:

March Of Dimes
The March of Dimes

The Salvation Army
The Salvation Army

The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation
The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation

The American Red Cross
The American Red Cross

The American Diabetes Association
The American Diabetes Association

Mothers Against Drunk Driving

The American Cancer Society
The American Cancer Society

National Parkinson Foundation

National Multiple Sclerosis Society
National MS Society

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

It won't matter, the horses I rode
nor the places I'd hung my hat,
won't matter much, the money I owed,
nor the clothes I wore,
on my back.
But still I wonder,just every now and then,
'bout my worn out hat and these white whiskers on my chin
If it was really me
Brought that smile to the face of that child
When I'd said ,Sure I'll be your friend


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The Travelin Man

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