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To me this home page is a dream come true. When I started it, I did not know what to put in. I searched all the net for tricks and tips of building a nice web page. I got a lot of information, but nothing satisfied me. It is not difficult to give advice to others, nor is difficult to listen to other's advice. But the real problem comes when one tries to implement it. Unless you are into it, you are totally ignorant.
As I was stumbling over my project, I happen to read a few lines by Alfred A. Montepert. Those read some thing like this:


Move out man! Life is fleeting by.
Do something worthile, before you die.
Leave behind a work sublime,
that will outlive you and time.

So, with all my strength I got into the field.


Before I proceed I should tell you something about me. Shouldn't I ? So, I have scribbled something about myself. There is also lot of information about my country, my state, my school, my college, my profession and my family.


  The danger of the past was that men became slaves. The danger of the future is that they may become robots. - Erich Fromm

The Technology Page


What is psychology ? Not much difficult to define !!!

The meaning of the Greek word psyche, suggests a totality of inner experience lacking in spatial dimensions.
Psychology is the scientific study of the behavior of humans and animals. Psychologists use scientific methods in an attempt to understand and predict behavior, to develop procedures for changing behavior, and to evaluate treatment strategies.

I developed interest in psychology after reading the works of  Freud, James and Eric Berne.

Go check out my page on Psychology

The Psychology Page

What is Philosophy ? C'mmon !! Any takers !! Very difficult question, isn't it ? Well here's a definition:

Philosophy is, I think, most appropriately to be conceived as a clearing house to which the results of all other human enquires are brought and in which the records of all forms of human experience are sifted, assessed and evaluated.

From John Hospers, An Introduction to Philosophical Analysis, rev. ed. (RKP, London, 1976), pp. 55-56.

Go and checkout my philosophy page

The Philosophy Page

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