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Welcome to the home page of Tim and Puppies! (They're not puppies anymore though...) Dreamer is my Sheltie - technically a Sable Shetland Sheep Dog.. Maggie is my Basset Hound, and she's really gotten BIG! Of course, Beethoven is still here, and still goofy. He's a half-breed - and half-baked <grin>, recently nick-named a "shar-set" because of the mixed breed. Their web pages (links at right) include individual biographies and photos.

The latest vacation was to the Oregon coast. Lot's of photos, but I've not been successful doing a good job setting up a web site with them. Maybe someday. In the meantime, enjoy the doggies!

"If there are no dogs in
Heaven, then when I die,
I want  to go where THEY
                  ---Will Rogers

Disclaimer: the graphics &
photos other than those of
my own dogs are probably
public domain, but I will
not assume responsibility
for copyright infringement.
If it's yours, and you don't
want it here, email me.
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Dreamer's Page
Maggie's Page:

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