Baby's Jellicle Hang Out
Just down the street from the Jellicle Junkyard is Baby's Jellicle Hang Out.

Hello, my name is Tigress and I am the owner of this hang out. My brother
Seth is the cook and my mother, The Empress, is the general
manager. My favorite job here is being the hostess because all
of the Jellicles who come in and visit me.

I love it when Old Deuteronomy visits because he always has a story to tell me. His wife Jellylourm, along with Grizabella, Jennyanydots and Exotica
always come inaroud four o'clock for catnip tea and sadwiches.

And then there is my seven o'clock coffee club. This group consists
of the older more distinguished male cats of the tribe. The sit around
and siscuss politics in the junkyard and show did what to whom.
And they say we queens gossip!

Tugger & Bomby are in about once or twice a week, as are  Mungojerri & Rumpleteazer, Munkustrap & Demeter, Alonzo & Cassie and Victoria
& Plato. And when ever he's in town Mistoffelees drops in but he's
usually on the road with his magic show..

And speaking of entertainment the hang out rocks with Jemima and
her all girl band.  And Coricopat & Tantomile are real crowd
pleasers; they always have a trick or two up their sleeves!

Grizabella is our star; since returning from the Heavyside Layer
she's better than ever and my personal favorite.

So welcome to all of my new Jellicle friends & now that you
know all about my new and improved hang out stop by.

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