This is a picture of the window in my living room & I love to look at it.  If you live at home with Mom & Dad then they may let you decorate your windows like this. Hereís how you do it. And if you do paint your windows and would like me to post your pictures then please send them too me and I will. Iíd love
to see your work!
Tubes of glow in the dark paint in green & yellow
Tube of black paint for the black slit of the eye.
Glass cleaner & paper towels

1) Clean the window with glass cleaner and wipe dry with paper towels.

2) Take your tube of green or yellow paint and draw an oval like cat eye. When I did my (cat) eyes I drew the outline then filled in the black slit first and let it dry. After they were dry I filled in the color on each side of the black.

Since the paint is glow in the dark then it will absorb the light during the day and at night when the lights are turned off they will glow for a short time before they fade. This is a very effective trick and youíll have a lot of fun with it.

If you donít want to, or are not allowed to, paint on your windows then the same effect can be achieved by using clear tape and taping saran wrap to the window and painting the eyes in the same way.

Another effect and be archived using see threw plastic plates that can be found at any grocery store. Cut the outside rim off so that you can work on a flat surface. With a pin or sharpie marker draw the shape of an oval and fill in the black slit. Or glue a black piece of construction paper or fun foam to the oval. Then put a dab of glue on the corners of the oval and glue it to your window.

And still another version would be to cut everything out of construction paper and lightly glue the eyes to your window.


Eye colors can include yellow, green, blue or even red if youíre talking about Macavity.
This is an idea of the look I was trying to acheive with my "Window Eyes."
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