Makeing a CATS style wig is not hard but it does take a lot of time. But beleive me, it's worth it!!!
Wig cap -- It looks like a pantyhose but it's made to wear under a wig
Styrofoam head -- you must have one in order to properly sew your wig
Yarn -- lots and lots of yarn in the desired colors
Needle & thread
Dog brush or comb with metal teeth
Hairspray or spray fabric stiffener
Blow dryer -- this is to set the hairspray for fabric stiffener
Time -- this is a very time consuming project

1) Cut your yarn to the length you like.

2) Next tie two pieces together at one end.

3) After you have tied all the yarn then you have to separate the strands. This is very easy. Use a needle or your fingers to get the strand started.

Note: For every one string of yarn you will have four thin individual strands.
4) Next sew the yarn to the wig cap by sewing threw the middle of the knot. The color of the thread donesn't really matter since no one will see the inside of your wig. However, if you're using black yarn try to use a dark colored thread.

5) After you've sewn your will you need to brush it out very carefully.  The best way is to just brush out one section at a time.

6) Next decide where you want the ears to be and tie them off with some string or yarn.

7) Trim and shape your wig until you you are happy with the shape. Then set it with hairspray or fabric stiffiner. To speed up the drying process you can use a blow dryer.

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