Your Junkyard Walls
Probably the most obvious way to deal with you walls would be to paint them either black or dark blue then splatter them with florescent paint. However, I wouldnít recommend that because itís to be honest, itís way too much work. So what do you do then?

A much easier way to color your walls without having to paint them is to staple fabric to it.

What youíll need:
Staple gun & staples
Dark blue or black fabric.
* Or if you can find a fabric with a night sky on it that would work really very well also.
Step stool or latter

How To:
Make sure you have enough fabric to cover your wall space the staple your fabric along the top of the wall next to the ceiling. You may also want to staple along the window sills and randomly to keep the fabric in place.

Another alternative to using fabric is to use black trash bags. Just cut them open along the seems and them staple them as you would the fabric.

*You can also use black plastic tarp instead of fabric.*
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