Part 9 – A Human in the Junkyard
Amongst all of the puttering in the junkyard the ever-alert Alonzo noticed a figure in the very back of the crowd. A figure that stood out, a figure that did not belong, a human figure!

Mr. Carbunkel tried to hide in the junk in the back of the crowd. He knew that if he were ever to be released from this terrible spell that he was under he had to take refuge in the junkyard.

Everyone was so busy greeting Tigress that no one seemed to notice him, that is, everyone except Alonzo. He wasn’t sure how to handle the situation. If he were to flush out this invader it would cause a panic and someone could get hurt. But if he ignored it by the same token someone could get hurt. Thankfully he wasn’t the leader of the tribe so he found Munkustrap and informed him of the situation.

Having been informed of Mr. Carbunkel and the circumstances by which he was now a human. The silver tabby, along with Alonzo, searched for their father to tell him that the human was now in the junkyard. When they found the Jellicle leader Munkustrap let his brother explain his findings. Old Deuteronomy was at his home alone with some of the adults and elders of the tribe. Since they had already met Tigress in a previous meeting they had decided to let the kittens have their fun. After his sons told him that Mr. Carbunkel was in the junkyard the Jellicle leader gave them their instructions. “Munkustrap you and Alonzo bring him to me. He must be in terrible trouble for him risk coming here.” Said the wise leader.

The two left to find their old friend while their father told the adults about Paws’ situation. The two toms were hoping the situation could be handled as quietly as possible but that wasn’t the case. As they were approaching the center of the junkyard they heard a loud hissing and low and controlled meowing. “Oh no,” they thought.
What they were hoping to avoid was happening. The tribe had discovered Mr. Carbunkel and were attacking him! When Alonzo and Munkustrap reached the ’stranger’ they called off the tribe and did their best to help the poor withered soul. “Misto, go and get my father!” shouted Munkustrap. The magical cat disappeared and reappeared in Jellylorum’s home. He told the Jellicle leader what had happened and as quick as that they were off. They disappeared and then reappeared beside Mr. Carbunkel to shield him from the rest of the tribe.

“Jellicles please!” shouted the old stripped cat. “I know this has been an eventful afternoon for you however it is about to become even more eventful.”
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