“We went into London to get fresh cream and tuna for after the meeting,” began Admetus.

“But we got caught…” added Plato.

Then it was Tumblebrutus’ turn to jump in, “… and the humans set their Pollicles after us. We barley got away.” “So where is this cream and tuna?” questioned Munkustrap.

The four toms looked down at the ground and began to shuffle their feet. “Well?”

“We dropped them when we started to run,” informed Pouncival as he tried to avoid looking the silver tabby in the face.

Old Deuteronomy let out a hardy chuckle and Munk looked at him questioningly. “It’s alright son, they ment well. But you toms should be more careful in the future.” “We will,” they agreed.

The silver tabby rolled his eyes back and shook his head as the quartet of toms took their place amongst the rest of the kittens. “Please continue Gus,” said Munkustrap.

As Gus continued his story Pouncival looked up and saw Tigress for the first time. She was the most beautiful queen he’d ever seen. Rumpleteazer stood beside her sister and watched the crowd as Gus told about the planet Ha. Then she noticed Pouncival staring at Tigress from the front row. Tigress was also surveying the large crowed when her eyes met Pouncival’s. She felt her heart skip a beat and she had to catch her breath. “What’s wrong with you?” questioned the orange and black-stripped queen while trying to keep her voice as low as possible.

“Nothing. Who’s that?”

“Oh, that’s Pouncival.”

“Why do you say it like that?” asked the blue-stripped queen.

“I’ll tell you later,” whispered the cat burglar.

The meeting lasted for only a short time and everyone’s questions were answered, all except Pouncival’s. He had hardly heard a word that had been said. He couldn’t take his eyes off Tigress and when she looked at him he felt his cheeks growing red as he blushed and turned away.

After the meeting all the kittens rushed up to Tigress to greet her and welcome her into the tribe. Except for Pouncival who was to shy to talk to her. They made eye contact but both blushed and turned away and Tigress got swept away into the crowd.
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