Part 8 – Meeting the Kittens
The whole junkyard was a buzz with the excitement of the big meeting. Tigress was at Jellylourm’s house with her sister, Mungo, Old Deuteronomy, Munkustrap and Gus.

Deuteronomy, Munkustrap and Gus sat at the kitchen table as they discussed their old friend Paws and how would be the best was to handle his situation. They also went over how they would go about introducing Tigress to the kittens.

Tigress, Rumpleteazer and Mungojerri sat in the living room talking and laughing as if they’d known each other all their lives.

“Well Jellicles,” began Old Deuteronomy, “Let’s make our way to the tire so that we can start this meeting.” He noticed that Tigress was starting to look nervous so he went to her and put his arm around her shoulder giving her a reassuring smile. “Thank you,” she whispered with a smile.

The junkyard overflowed with an abundance of cats from all over London. It was a very short walk from Jellylorum and Old Deuteronomy’s home as the small group of speakers made their way to the old tire. Jellylorum and Mungojerri joined the large group of felines just as the meeting began.

Munkustrap addressed the crowd first. “Please settle down Jellicles. Our leader would like to introduce someone to you.” With that he took a couple of steps back as his father took center tire. “I’m sure you have all heard about our visitor so now I would like to introduce you to Tigress.” The tribe clapped and cheered making her feel welcomed. “Tigress has come to us from a great distance so I would like for all of you to give your full attention to Gus as he tells you all about the history of The Jellicle Tribe.”

As Gus walked to the center of the tire Munkustrap helped him to be seated and he began to tell the tribe of their origins. But just after he had started four young toms ran into the meeting making quite a lot of noise in the process. Everyone turned to see them scramble in. “What is the meaning of this!” Munkustrap asked. “You toms were to be here on time. Why are you late?” he demanded.
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