Mungo knew that he had to be careful how he answered Lenny’s question so he just told them that she was still asleep and that he didn’t want to wake her. The twins just chuckled and shook their heads. “Oh, before I forget Old D is having a meeting today and wants as many of the tribe members there as possible.”

“Okay we’ll be spread the word around. What time?” questioned Lodi.

“This afternoon, you’ll know when. That is if you ‘house cats’ can get out of the house long enough to be able to go,” laughed Mungojerri.

“We can go out if we want to,” informed Lenny with a, ‘just to let you know’ tone.

“Yea, okay, if you say so,” Mungojerri said while still laughing. “Well I’ve got to get out of here. I’ll see you at the meeting.” And with that he jumped down off the window ledge and started to make his way back to the alley to get the flowers he’d collected for Rumpleteazer and Tigress. A smile crossed over his face as he thought about his mate.


The black and orange-stripped tom stopped in his tracks. He knew that voice, but whose was it? Then the voice called out to him again. “Mungojerri come back for a minute.” Mungojerri turned around slowly. He couldn’t place that voice but it sounded so familiar.  But it wasn’t the voice of a Jellicle, in fact, it sounded human.

When he turned around he saw Mr. Carbunkel waving at him to come to him. Could this human have been the one to call out to him? ‘It’s not possible,’ he thought to himself, ‘no human has ever called a Jellicle by his or her proper name before.’  But as crazy as it sounded to him he knew that something was not right about Mr. Carbunkel.

He walked up to him slowly with a cautious look in his eye. Mr. Carbunkel squatted down in front of the inquisitive tom and said, “Mungo, it’s me, Paws.” Mungojerri’s eyes grew very large and round. “No, you can’t be Paws, he’s dead. And besides, you’re human.”

“I’m not dead Mungo. It’s really me. Look into my eyes and tell me you don’t recognize me.” The cat burglar grew angrier by the minute and he could no longer listen to this human. He projected his claws to strike but just as his claws were about to reach strike this imposter he stopped in mid air. ‘What’s that?’ he thought to himself. There was a dark paw shaped spot on the ear of this human. “PAWS!” he cried out.
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