Part 7 – Remember Me?
As the morning crept into the junkyard it was greeted by a very tired but content Mungojerri who had been awake most of the night. It was difficult to sleep without his mate so he decided to creep around the humans to see what he could find for his mate and her sister. He decided that flowers would do very nicely so he went to the corner market just before dawn to steel some.

Since no one was around he transformed into a more human like form, just as all Jellicle do when they’re alone. He began picking out flowers and a nice basket to put them in. He had gathered a few flowers when he heard voices in the distance. He quickly gathered the rest of the flowers and ran into the shadows. When he looked around the corner he saw Mr. Carbunkel walking up to the cart and ran out to great him. “Hello Tiger old boy how are you this fine morning?” Mungojerri purred and rubbed up against his leg; he liked Mr. Carbunkel because he was a kind and generous man. He always made it a point to be kind to any of the tribe members he met. With a chipper English accent he stroked Mungo’s fur and asked, “Where’s your girlfriend this morning a?” Mungo just peered up at him and purred. “Hummmm, no answer? Well how about some breakfast then?” Mungo just purred as Mr. Carbunkel laughed and pored him a dish of milk. As Mungo enjoyed his breakfast Mr. Carbunkel stroked his fur gently and then went back to tending his flower cart.

Across the street there were two house cats setting in an open window watching Mungojerri. They were both grey but one had long soft hair and the other’s was short & both had dark grey and black stripes.  They were from America and Mungojerri & Rumpleteazer loved teasing them about their accents. As they watched Mungo they could tell that something was on his mind.

When Mungo finished eating he thanked the kind flower shop owner by purring loudly and licking his hand. But Mr. Carbunkel could tell Mungo was in deep thought. “Tiger me old boy, I can see that you have something is on your mind. Why don’t you tell me about it a?” Then he picked up Mungo so that they were eye to eye and said, “I promise I won’t tell a soul.”
When Mungo heard that he cocked his head to the side as if to say, ‘If I spoke would you be able to understand me?’ But the tom only blinked his eyes and meowed. Then Mr. Carbunkel set him on the ground, stroked his back and said, “Well, if you ever need to talk you know were to find me.” And with that the orange-stripped tom ran off to talk to his friends in the window.

Lenny and Lodi watched the scene unfold across the street and were not sure what to think of it.  When Mungojerri came running up Lodi asked him what was going on. “I’m not sure if I know myself,” he replied.

“What do you mean you don’t know? You were there what happened?” questioned Lenny.

“Yes I know but it was weird, he asked one if anything was wrong and said that if I told him he wouldn’t tell anyone.”

Lenny and Lodi looked at each other and then at Mungo. “That was weird,” was all they could say.

“So where’s Rumpleteazer?”
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