Part 6 -- The Home Front
Bengali was greeted by his fellow Jellicle Onyxwing. As they walked along Onyxwing asked his friend if there had been any news since they had last spoken. 

“No I’m afraid not. The Master has not changed his mind about letting us go to Earth to be with our daughters,” Bengali said with a sad tone in his voice.

Onyxwing did his best to comfort his friend but it was had been such a long time since he’d seen his own mother. When she was on Earth someone had killed her because they were driving to fast. If she had lived she would have given birth to him the following year.

Her soul went to the Heavyside Layer, which was the next planet over. And even though he still missed her he had to learn to live without her. His father mourned the loss of both his mate and future children and shortly after her death he disappeared. A few days later he joined his mate in the Heavyside Layer.

They had already been reborn and but had been separated. Now they were waiting to be reunited so that they could start their lives all over again and finally have the family they had always dreamed of.

As they the pair walked Onyxwing continued, “Well Ben, all I can say is that you’ll always miss her but it will get easier as time goes by.”

“Thank you old friend,” was all Bengali could say.

The pair walked until they came to Emma & Bengali’s home. They went in only to find Emma softly crying as she prepared their evening meal. Morris puttered around the house quietly letting his mother work threw her pain the best way she knew how. She heard Bengali and Onyxwing come in and she went to great them. She hugger her mate and greeted their guest. 

“It will get better Emma, I promise,” Onyxwing said trying to comfort her; she smiled faintly and nodded her head.

“Yes, I know, but it’s only been three days now and I just miss her so much.”

As Bengali comforted his mate there was a knock at the door and Morris answered it for his parents. “Master,” he bowed as The Great Master entered their home. The Jellicles greeted Him as He greeted them.

“Emma, Bengali, I thought that you would like to know that Tigress has met her sister Rumpleteazer and her sister’s mate Mungojerri. They are safe and happy to have each other but they miss you terribly.”

Emma and Bengali smiled threw their tears as they hugged their son. The Master left them to find comfort with each other.
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