Part 14 – Celebration
Six months have passed since Bengali and his family had joined the tribe and Paws and Starla were reunited. The new moon was only a couple of days away and everyone was busy getting ready for the dance.

Pouncival finally got over his shyness with Tigress and they were becoming fast friends. He had been giving some thought to asking her to be his mate once they got a little older, but for not he felt they were both to young. But some day…

Starla had been having morning sickness a few months earlier which ment only one thing, she was pregnant and she wouldn’t be able to dance in the celebration. But she was so happy that she didn’t care. She was reunited with her mate and the rest of the tribe was so happy that nothing fazed her.

Emma and Bengali were also settling in nicely, as was Morris who had become a big hit with the queens of the tribe.

The night of the full moon the Jellicles dance, as they had never dance before. The celebration lasted all night long and Macavity was no were to be seen, he’d learned his lesson, for now. But something else happened at the dance that no one thought would happen for another month. Starla was about to give birth. Jenny, Jelly and Emma were all present as Starla was about to give birth. The labor was easy and fast. She had no trouble at all which helped things along considerably. Jenny wrapped the baby in a blanket and handed it to Starla. “You have a beautiful baby boy.” She said with a loving smile.

Paws hugged his mate and new son. “What shall we call him?” Starla asked as she looked up at her mate.

Emma looked at the newborn and smiled, “It’s nice to see you again Onyxwing.” She said with a whisper.

“Onyxwing, what a lovely name,” said Starla, “that’s perfect.”

“Yes it is,” echoed Paws.  And Onyxwing was finally reunited with his parents.
The End
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