Part 13 – Reunited
Emma and Bengali embraced all three of their children. Their prayers had been answered and they were reunited once again.

As they looked around the junkyard all of the toms were cut and bruised but were all okay. Then the girls spotted Pouncival and Mungojerri. Rumpleteazer rushed over to her mate and Pouncival with her sister close behind. “Oh Mungo, Pounce!” she cried.

“Thank you both for trying to save us.” Said Tigress as she helped Pouncival up off the ground.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yes, were both fine,” she said with a blush. Then she hugged him as an extra ‘thank you’.

Next it was Mungo’s turn to ask a question. “What happened?”

“It’s a long story,” said Rumpleteazer, “but first I want you to meet someone.” And just as she was about to introduce Mungojerri to her parents Baby arrived with the rest of the tribe. She had seen Macavity and his men flee so she knew it was safe to return to the junkyard.

And as the tribe gathered around Old Deuteronomy nodded at his eldest son who jumped up on the old tire to join his father. “Jellicles, we’ve had a lot of excitement around her for the past couple of weeks now. We’ve had the honor of learning our history, we’ve met Tigress and welcomed back our old friend Paws. And now not only one miracle has happened but two.” He motioned for Bengali and his family to join him as well as Paws and Starla. The silver tabby continued once they had joined him, “This is our old friend Paws and his mate Starla” The Jellicles cheered and Munkustrap continued as he turned to Bengali and asked him to introduce himself and his family.

After he introduced himself and his family Bengali thanked the tribe for taking such good care of his daughters.

By this time it was very late & the tribe settled in for the night. Each of them thankful for their families and loved ones who were all safe.
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