Back on planet Ha Emma and Bengali watched the whole scene unfold. They were horrified as they watched Macavity and his henchmen attack the junkyard. They watched as the huge henchman picked up their daughters and began carrying them away. Bengali let out a loud roar and Emma shrieked in horror. Morris did his best to comfort his mother but nothing was helping; then a miracle happened.

Just as the evil minion was about to leave with Tigress and Rumpleteazer both queens and their parents and brother all wished that they could be together in that moment. Instantly Emma, Bengali and Morris transported from the planet Ha into the center of the junkyard. Bengali let out a loud roar and the henchman dropped the two frightened queens and they ran into the arms of their mother.  Everyone in the junkyard stopped fighting as they watched the family reunite. But Macavity was also watching. He had been fighting off both Munkustrap and Rum Tum Tugger but quickly fled their battle to go to the aid of his henchman.

Bengali and Morris tore into the henchman who had captured Tigress and Rumpleteazer. Blood and fur flew into the air as the enraged father took that rage out on the evil minion. Macavity tried to help his men but it was no use. This new opponent was twice and twice as strong. He was about to flee when a blur of white fur crashed into him. It was Paws. He was determined to pay back the ‘Napoleon of Crime’ for everything he had put he and his mate threw.

Bleeding and bruised Macavity could no longer fight so he decided to make a hasty retreat. He and his henchmen disappeared in an instant and the junkyard was quiet once again.
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