Part 12 – The Attack
It was now evening in the junkyard and everyone was in their assigned locations around the junkyard. The kittens, queens and elders were with Baby in her shelter and all able toms were on guard. They knew that Macavity would attack and they were all ready except for Rumpleteazer and Tigress who had fallen asleep inside the old oven. They had no idea what was about to happen.

Macavity and his henchmen also took their appointed positions around the junkyard. When their leader sounded the cry they were to attack the junkyard in full force taking anyone they could find as their prisoner.  Then with a flash of light and a puff of smoke the Napoleon of Crime appeared in the center of the junkyard and gave out a long and low war cry.  THE ATTACK WAS ON!

The Jellicles attacked with full force and so did Macavity and his henchmen. The battle was fierce and loud and the two sleeping queens awoke with a jump. “What was that?” Tigress asked.

“OH NO, IT’S MACAVITY!” Cried Rumpleteazer. The she told her sister all about her former ‘boss’. The dark blue and white queen could hardly believe what she was hearing. But she trusted her sister and her mate that they were no longer involved with this wicked tom. Then about that time one of the henchmen threw open the old oven door and the young queens screamed as loud as they could. They did their best to beat off the enormous thug but it didn’t help. He had them!

The Jellicles heard their cries and descended on the henchman in a flurry of fur, teeth and claws. Mungojerri and Pouncival were near by and heard the screams of the young queens. Immediately they rushed towards the sounds of that were coming in a steady stream. When they reached the scene the henchman had one queen under each arm and was making his was out of the junkyard. Mungo and Pounce rushed in, “Put them down!” cried Mungojerri with Pouncival right by his side. The two rushed over to join the fight but it didn’t help; this minion was just too big for the two of them to defeat. With one arm the wicked henchman knocked both toms to the ground while still holding both queen with the other.

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