Here’s your food wench,” a large mean looking guard shoved the food at the frightened queen but she only shook her head. “Fine don’t eat, I don’t care.” The other guard at the door gave a wicked laugh as he unlocked the door for his fellow guard. Just as the husky minion was about to pick up the tray the sad queen disappeared. The two guards froze and then snapped to attention. Then they began to call out to the leader, Macavity.

At the same moment in Skimble and Jenny’s house Starla appeared like something out of the movies. She slowly began to fade in until she completely filled in. “STARLA!” shouted Paws. “PAWS! I thought I’d never see you again!” she shouted back. The small crowd clapped and cheered as they young lovers were reunited.

“Did anyone see you disappear Starla?” questioned Old Deuteronomy.

“Yes, two of Macavity’s guards were bringing me my food when I disappeared.” She said.

“Jellicles take your positions!” commanded Munkustrap. Paws kissed his mate and ran off to join the other toms around the junkyard despite her protests. “I will not loose you again!” she cried.

“You won’t, I promise.” He said as he kissed her and ran out the door before she could see the tears in his eyes.
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