Part 11 – The Mystics
Merlin, his mate Esmerelda, their children Coricopat, Tantomile and Exotica were with them as well as Exotica’s children, Cassandra, Mistofelees and Quaxo. There were many others there as well all trying their best to change Mr. Carbunkel back into their friend Paws. They gathered together and began to chant:
”From Jellicle to human,
from human to Jellicle.
Reverse the curse on this our brother."
After saying the chant three times a silver shower if glitter like particles poured over Mr. Carbunkel. And after two more chants he was completely transformed back into Paws the Jellicle cats, he was white with six toes, hence the name Paws.

“Are you alright?” asked Cassandra.

Taking a long deep breath paws answered, “Yes, yes I’m fine.” As he began to examine his body he was overcome with joy. “Oh it’s so good to be me again.” He began to dance with joy but then stopped suddenly when he thought of his mate Starla who was still locked away in Macavity’s dungeons.

“What’s wrong Paws?” questioned Jennyanydots with a mother-like half hug.

“What about Strata?” he asked.

With a loving smile Esmerelda said, “That’s very simple. “She handed him a small scroll. He opened it and it was blank. He looked up at her questioningly. “Concentrate on her name and the words will magically appear. It’s a lover’s chant,” she said.

He held the scroll to his heart and the words appeared just as Esmerelda said they would. “Now say the words aloud until your mate appears,” she instructed him.

Paws began to say the words aloud:
”Stars in the sky,
stars in my eyes.
Stars on my lips,
and stars in my heart.
Starla my love
Starla my mate."
At that moment in Macavity’s dungeon two of his guards were taking Starla her supper. She was a lovely brown and cream-colored queen with star shaped splashes all over her face and body.
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