Part 10 – Mr. Carbunkel - Jennyanydots and Jellylorum were quickly on the scene with bandages and ointment for Mr. Carbunkel’s wounds. “Are you alright?”asked Old D.

“Yes I’m fine thank you,” he said.

It was Munkustrap’s turn to ask the question. “Can you tell us what happened?”

“Yes I think so.” He told them all of his struggle with Macavity when he had attempted to risqué his mate Starla. Then he told them of how he was changed into a human when Macavity caught him. “I knew of the meeting today and I knew all of the mystics would be here. I kept telling myself that if I could just get to the junkyard all of you could help me.”

Jenny and Jelly had finished dressing his cuts and bruises by the time he was finished with his adventures but all to real story.

“We’ll help you old friend,” reassured Old Deuteronomy, “but for now you need some rest. Jenny, Skimble, would you be able to let Paws stay with you for now?” he asked.

“Yes of course,” they agreed. Skimbleshanks and Tugger helped Mr. Carbunkel to Jenny and Skimble’s home followed closely by Jenny and Jelly. “My goodness this has been an eventful day.” Deuteronomy said as the crowd began to whisper rather loudly about what had just happened. “Jellicles please, settle down, I know this has been overwhelming for you and as happy as we are to have Tigress & Paws with us we must all be on the alert for Macavity. Now that Paws has returned to us it will only be a matter of time before he hears about it and we must be ready!”

Another wave of whispers spread threw out the crowd. Panic would soon spread and the Jellicle leader knew he needed to move quickly. “Alonzo, assemble every available tom to stand guard around the junkyard.” Ordered Munkustrap. “We also need every available mystic and magician in the tribe. We’re going to need all the help we can get if we are to save Paws and Starla. Kittens and elders take shelter. You all have your orders.”

“Munkustrap, I have an emergency shelter under my coffee house; the kittens and elders will be safe there.” Informed Baby.

“Thank you Baby, please see to that.”

“I will.” As quickly as she could Baby gathered the kittens and the elderly cats and they quickly made their way to Baby’s shelter. Meanwhile the adult toms as well as the older male kittens took their stations around the junkyard. But unbeknownst to anyone Rumpleteazer and Tigress had stayed behind. They had been exploring the old oven when the fight broke out with Mr. Carbunkel. They decided that it would be best to stay where they were for now.
Meanwhile every mystic in the tribe gathered in Skimble and Jenny’s house. They were discussing how they were going to turn their friend back into a Jellicle. “There’s got to be a way we can change him back,” spoke Quaxo in what sounded like both a question and a statement.

“There is always a way grandson,” spoke Merlin. He was the great, great, great (and so on) grandson of Zebineny the cat who had been with Merlin the famous magician. His family was a very powerful and were known for magic and mystics. If anyone were going to overcome Macavity’s evil it would be the descendents of Zebineny.
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