"What kind of shoes do I wear with my CATS Costume?"
A question of, "What kind of shoes do I wear with my CATS costume?  is one that almost all new costumers ask.

Generally most costumers wear dance or jazz shoes. I myself do not since my feet are not only large but wide as well. Soooo, Ive had to find an alternative way to create my CATS feet.

What Ive done is take inexpensive white sneakers also known as white canvas shoes, and paint them to look like a cats back feet.

I first got this idea when I saw a picture of
Shadow in both here Mistoffelees and Rumpleteazer costumes. I loved the way her feet seemed to transform into a cats back paw. So I thought Id try it. Needless to say I was very pleased with the results.

The process is easier that what you may think. When I painted my shoes I just jumper right in and started painting. How ever if youre not comfortable with doing that
Obsidia has some wonderful costume planners on her website including one for shoes.

Making shoes to go with your CATS costume is fun and doesnt take a lot of time and without them your costume looks a bit unfinished. So take time to create these fun accessories.
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