Thursday, September 14, 2006

I had THE coolest CATS dream last night. I was sitting here at my computer and I was turned around facing the bookshelf and I had the TV on. I’m not sure what I was watching exactly but I heard “Memory” from CATS start and thought, “oh yea probably someone’s guna try to sing it and do a crap job or dance it and do worse.”

But when I turned around there were about six people on stage in THE coolest CATS costumes dancing!!! Now I’m not sure what they were dancing too but their costumes were so cool. I know that they weren’t like the traditional costumes that we’re all use to seeing but they’re kinda hard to describe.

One who I’m guessing was Misto, had like a CATS costume on but had like a black shawl over it and it sparkled like his coat. One was
a pirate from the Growltiger number.

Of course there’s always a Mr. Mistoffelees in all of my dreams lately, weird, and a Munk and I’m not sure who else but as they danced the stage was like a regular television dance stage, white with stairs around it and as they danced a couple of them went into the audience and everyone was screaming and clapping.
It was so cool.
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