Part 2 -- A History Lesson
A master of telling tails The Theater Cat began his story. The Jellicles, he explained, were originally from the planet Ha. The Great Master was about to create man on Earth: however, one last creature remained to be added to the Earth’s population. A special and loving creature, one of great intelligence that would be loyal to the humans through good times and bad so The Great Master went to the Jellicles and asked who among them would be willing to come to Earth. Many volunteered and so they began their journey to the Earth. At that moment Tigress broke in, “But how did I get here?” she questioned.

“That is a very simple question to answer.”  Tigress did not say a word, only listened as Gus continued, “You made a wish, do you remember what that wish was?”

The silvery blue queen thought for a moment and then cautiously said, “I wished for a sister.”

“Exactly,” Confirmed The Theater Cat. 

“Exactly what father, we do not understand,” spoke Asparagus from the Jellicle crowd of elders and adults. 

The Theater Cat let out another chuckle, “You and your sister made the same wish at the and time. And since the Jellicles of Earth are not permitted into Ha until they have first traveled through The Heavy side Layer, you came here, you, my dear, were wished here.”

“But Sir Gus, I don’t have a sister,” questioned the blue stripped queen.

“Don’t you? How is your brother Morris?” turning to his group of fellow adults Gus asked the question. “Jellicles, look upon our young visitor. Who does she remind you of?” he asked with a curious smile; certain the answer would come soon enough. 

As the Jellicles began looking at their visiting queen Rum Tum Tugger piped up with, “Hey yea, she looks like that cute chick Rumpleteazer!” And with that came a quick smack on the arm from his mate Bombalurina. “Hey it’s not my fault,” Tugger protested, “she does.” And thought Tigress was blushing Bomby looked at her in amazement and said, “Tugger’s right, she does!”

By this time everyone was confused. Munkustrap called the meeting to order then turned to Gus, “If you knew of our origin you should have told us. Why have you never said anything until now?”

“Because I didn’t remember until I saw Tigress. You see I was there when she, Rumpleteazer and their brother Morris were born. Soon there after The Great Master came to me and told me of one very special child who lived just outside of London who was very sick and needed a quiet and gentle cat. One who would entertain her when she would be home sick from school. As He told me her story my heart went out to her and I quickly accepted the responsibility of being her companion and made the necessary arrangements for my journey to Earth. I was born and the young girl and I became great friends. She lived for only six human years until she passed away and I was left broken hearted for now I would have no one to entertain. Then a few months after that I joined the theater.”

“What was the name of the little girl?” Came a question from the tribe.

“Little Nell.”

The tribe continued with their meeting until early that afternoon and both Gus and Tigress answered as many questions as they could.  Meanwhile……………
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