At that moment Tigress jumped at the sound of Jemima and Electra bursting through the front door. She quickly drew the covers around her as the girls started to head towards the bedroom. “Mother, father we’re home, is she awake yet?” they called out in a questioning singsong voice. Jenny called out to her children as they began slowly walking into the room, “Yes she just woke up. Where are Pouncival and Tumblebrutus?”

“Oh they stopped by Baby’s place so they could flirt with the waitresses,” spoke Jemima, as she tried not to stair at Tigress.  She was truly a beautiful queen with white fur and dark blue and silver stripes that sparkled as if she were covered in diamond dust. Her eyes were the color of clear blue ice and she bore a striking resemblance to Rumpleteazer and if it were not for her white and blue/silver makings she could have passed for Rumpleteazer herself.  Jennyanydots broke into the girl’s thoughts as she began to speak to them.  “Jemima, Electra, this is Tigress. Tigress, these are my daughters.” Jenny thought it best not to tell the kittens about Tigress being from another planet just yet. The kittens all exchanged hellos hellos and Jenny sent her daughters out to play while she spoke to Old D, “I didn’t want to tell them about Tigress being from planet Ha until we could find out all of the details.”

“Yes I agree, tomorrow we will hold a meeting and Tigress can tell us what happened: then we will decide how to tell the kittens,” confirmed the Jellicle leader.

The next day Deuteronomy called all of the adults for a meeting and introduced Tigress to the tribe. As he introduced each cat Tigress began to seem a bit confused, he turned to her and asked, “Tigress, are you okay, you look upset?”

It’s not that,” she said as she began to think back, “your names all sound so familiar. I feel as if I have known you all my whole life, I don’t understand.” 

A soft chuckle passed over the lips of Gus as he listened to her talk. Walking up to here he took her hand and kissed it. All of the Jellicles began to look at each other as their minds began to fill with questions as The Theater Cat began to speak in a wonderfully soft voice. “Tigress you have grown into a beautiful queen, how are your parents?”

“How do your know my parents Sir Gus?” she asked with a question.

“My goodness, it has been such a long time since anyone has called me that,” he said as his eyes began to sparkle. The Jellicle leader placed his hand on Gus’ shoulder and said, “Perhaps you should explain old friend.”
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