Part 4 – The Search
Bengali tried to comfort his mate, who, by this time was sobbing uncontrollably in his strong arms. “Please Emma try not to worry. I promise we’ll find her.” At that moment Bengali spotted Benjamin, Simon and Julian coming over a distant hill, but no sign of Tigress. Emma had jumped at the site of the trio in hopes that they had found her lost daughter. Benjamin spoke, “ I’m sorry Emma, we’ve looked everywhere and we just haven’t been able to find her.”

Upon hearing the devastating news Emma began to cry all over again. If only she had been able to do something, but she felt helpless at the thought of her daughter out here, somewhere all alone. Her mate Bengali stood beside her with his arms around her giving her the strength she needed to stand.

The Jellicles of planet Ha did not have a leader like the Jellicles on Earth. They answered only to the Great Master; however, if a leader were to be chosen it would have most certainly would have been Bengali.  He and his mate Emma were to be the future leaders of the Jellicle tribe on Earth. He was a crossbreed of a male Bangle Tiger and a large domestic cat. He was larger than the rest of the Jellicles but he had a loving heart. Tigress had most defiantly taken her looks from her father who also had white fur with dark blue and silver stripes. He was both a leader and a protector for the Jellicles and for that reason he was the future leader. The Master was very kind about letting the Jellicle mates on Ha be born around the same time on Earth so that when it was time for them to mate their children (who were still on Ha) would be born on Earth to the same parents.

“Look I know this is hard for the two of you,” began Simon, “but we should tell The Master.”

“Yes I agree, perhaps He’s seen her,” chimed Julian.

Bengali looked down at his mate who was still in his arms, she gave him a nod and with that the Jellicles were on their way to see The Master. They had only traveled a few yards when The Master met them. They all extended their paws, crossed them, bowed low and uttered only one word, “Master.”

The Great Master greeted them, “Jellicles,” as he nodded his head. “I know of your worries but fear not. Tigress is safe on Earth with her sister Rumpleteazer. Old Deuteronomy and Munkustrap have welcomed her into the tribe and are watching over her, as is Sir Gus.”

With a sigh of relief and a lengthy breath all Emma could say was, “Thank the Heavyside.”

“How did she get there Master?” inquired Bengali.

“She and Rumpleteazer wished for a sister at the same time and she was instantaneously transported to Earth.”

“Is there anyway that she may return to us?” questioned Emma with a glimmer of hope in her coral colored eyes.

“I’m sorry Emma, but no. You both know the rules, once a soul leaves Ha and is destine for Earth, or is already on Earth, the only way that soul may return is by death.”

Upon hearing the words, which were spoken by The Master, Emma felt her knees buckle as she once again fell into Bengali’s arms and began weeping again. “NO! Not again!” she screamed. “My precious daughters. If only Rumpleteazer hadn’t been so curious about Earth she souls still be here with us. And now Tigress has left us too. Oh Bengali, I don’t have the strength to go through this again.” And then she fainted into her mate’s strong arms.
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