With a nod of his head The Theater Cat took Rumpleteazer’s paws in his and began to explain to her how the Jellicles had come from the planet Ha. He also told her that when she was just a small kitten she had been very curious about Earth. Each time the Soul Ship was about to depart for Earth she would listen to both human and Jellicles talking about what their life would be like on Earth after they were born. It as then that she decided to sneak onto the ship to have a look around. 

One night before the ship was to leave for Earth she had quietly crept aboard and began looking around. In the back of her mind could hear her mother’s voice telling her that she must never go near the Soul Ship alone. “One day,” she said, “your father and I will board the ship, then in a little while you and your brother and sister will board the ship together. Then we will all be together again.” Rumpleteazer shook her head as if to erase her mother’s words from her mind then giggled. “I’ll be out by morning,” she thought.

Slowly she made her way on board and began to look around. “This is a night for exploring,” she thought as she began to explore this wonderfully mysterious ship with its many corridors and holding rooms. She found one room particularly interesting; it was filled with toys for human infants as well as for the Jellicles. She became curious and decided to take a closer look into this room. When she went into explore she found a very nice ball of yarn that she began batting around. She played for a long time and forgot how late it was getting. Then after a while she became very tired and curled up in a ball to take a nap.

When she woke up she found that the ship was full of life forms all aglow with anticipation of their arrival on Earth. She began to panic and started looking around for a way off the ship but it was to late. The ship was half way between Earth and Ha; there was no way to stop it.  

As The Theater Cat spoke both Rupleteazer’s and Tigress’ eyes grew wider and wider as they listened to him tell the tale. When he finished they looked at each other and spoke carefully.

“I’ve never has a sister before,” spoke Tigress. And despite the fact that her eyes were filled with tears they both laughed a bit.

Then Rumpleteazer spoke, “Jenny & Skimble adopted me when Mungojerrie first brought me to the junkyard. I was very young, and they already had two daughters, Jemima and Electra.”

“I MET THEM! They were your sisters while you were growing up?” 

At that moment the young queens stopped and looked at each other and a look of terror washed over their faces and they spoke at the same moment. “But what about our parents?!” They shouted as they began to cry. Gus explained to them that their parents were still on planet Ha and that they were not allowed to return to the planet to be with them.

As the girls sobbed quietly in each other’s arms Old Deuteronomy sent Munkustrap to find Jennyanydots and Jellylorum in hopes that they might comfort them. As he was leaving a very worried Mungojerri met him outside the door. “Is Rumpleteazer alright? I heard her crying.”

Munkustrap smiled, “Yes she’s fine.”

“Can I see her? Please?” pleaded Mungo.

“I’ll ask.” A few moments later Munkustap reappeared. “Deuteronomy said that it would be a good idea for you to go in,” informed the silver tabby and left to find his stepmother and aunt. 

As Mungo walked in he was met by Rumpleteazer who threw herself into his arms. “Oh Mungo,” she cried. As he looked around the room he spotted Tigress who was also crying in Old Deuteronomy’s arms. “Rumpy what’s going on? What’s happened?” He sat down to comfort his mat as The Jellicle leader and The Theater Cat explained everything to him. When they had finished Jenny & Jelly had already arrived and where also consoling the young queens.

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