Part 5 – Sisters
There was a knock at the door and Old Deuteronomy called out, “Come in.” The door opened and Rumpleteazer stepped in.

“Alonzo said you wanted to see me sir.” She said as she walked threw the door. She was always proper around Old Deuteronomy even thought she knew she didn’t have to be. In fact most of the time she called him by his name, but this sounded important so she decided to be proper. She sat down at Jellylorum’s table with Old D, Munkustrap and a strange new queen whom she didn’t know but who seemed strangely familiar. 

“Hummm, that’s odd, I sent Rum Tum Tugger for you,” said the Jellicle leader with a curious tilt of his head.

Munkustrap let out a laugh; “Well if Bombalurina had anything to do with it she’s the one who sent Alonzo for Rumpleteazer.”

Laughing to himself Old Deuteronomy nodded his head, “Yes I suppose so. Well anyway I’m sure you’d like to know why you are here Rumpleteazer.”

From the moment Rumpleteazer entered Jellylourum’s home she and Tigress did their best not to stare at one another, however they could not shake the felling of familiarity between them. But before they could begin to explore their feelings there was a knock at the door. “Was anyone else expected at this meeting?” questioned Munkustrap.

Having the feeling he knew who it was the Jellicle leader spoke his words. “Gus must have finished his lessons early today. I thought it would be a good idea to have him here to answer any questions Rumpleteazer may have.”

Jellylorum answered the door, “Come in father, Old Deuteronomy is expecting you,” she said as she gave him a hug.

The Theater Cat took his place at his daughter’s table and the meeting began shortly after Jellylorum left to visit her sister Jennyanydots. Deuteronomy turned to Rumpleteazer and said, “I’m sure you’re wondering why you’ve been asked here so we’ll get started,” He went on to explain that as the future leader of the tribe Munkustrap should be there and Gus was there to help answer her questions. Then he introduced the young queens to each other. “Rumpleteazer, this is your sister Tigress. Tigress, this is your sister Rumpleteazer.” As they looked at each other their eyes began to grow wider and wider.

A moment passed and Rumpleteazer spoke, “But I don’t have a sister,” she said with disbelief. “I don’t have any family at all. My birth mother died just after I was born. She had no other kittens so I grew up alone.” She paused for a moment as she recalled the events of her life. “When I met Mungojerri I was all alone and living in a cardboard box in an alley. I thought at first that we might be related because some of our colorings are the same but when he told me that his parents where still alive I knew that I was all alone in this world.” As she spoke tears began to well up in her eyes and she continued, “So you see, there is no way that Tigress can be my sister.”

Tears were quietly streaming down her face now and she wanted to run out the door and not look back but something told her to stay and listen to what was about to be said.

Old Deuteronomy put his arm around her to comfort her, “There there Rumpleteazer it’s alright.” Then turning to Gus he said, “Perhaps you should explain things to them old friend.”
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