Victoria laughed “yea, the same goes for Plato too.” The young group of queens went on laughing and enjoying their afternoon at Baby’s Place.

Keeping the kittens busy until the meeting was over was not difficult; a talent show would keep them busy Baby thought. She walked to the stage and took the microphone in her paw. “Jellicles, may I have your attention please?” Everyone began to settle as Baby continued. “I have decided that I have to much talent in this room to let it go to waste, so I think we should have a talent show!” The Jellicles cheered as they drew numbers out of Seth’s chief’s hat to see who would go first. Quaxo was first followed by Jemima and her all girl band The Kit Kats, which consisted of her Victoria, Electra, Etcetera, and Rumpleteazer. Pouncival was next with his singing and dancing. One by one each kitten followed as the day flew by. 

There was a knock on the back door of Baby’s Place. “Hey Bomby how ya doin’?” From the first moment Seth had first seen Bombalurina three years ago he had become mesmerized by her; but he knew she was Tugger’s mate.

“I’m fine Seth and you?” Bomby was in a flirtatious mood after the meeting because of Tugger’s comment about Rumpleteazer, even if he had been right. The red queen slinked past Seth into the kitchen.

“So was there something you wanted Bom?” Questioned Seth as Bombalurina walked around the room just randomly checking things out.

“Oh yes,” as she gave him a qwerky little smile that made her eyes glisten, “Old Deuteronomy just wanted Baby to know that the meeting was over.”

“Did it have anything to do with that new queen who just arrived?” questioned Seth. 

“Yes it did and Old Deuteronomy asked if you, Baby and The Empress could come to the junkyard tomorrow afternoon. He will introduce Tigress to the kittens and answer all of their questions.” Bomby decided that she wanted to do a little extra flirting, “Besides, what’s a meeting if the whole tribe is not able to attend?” she asked as she gently stoked his check with her paw. Seth shuttered for a moment, he and Tugger were old friends and knew better than to cross him, just as Tugger knew not to cross him. The two had always given each other a run their money when it came to the queens.

Seth was a cream colored tom with a brown tail and ears with brown over his eyes and a brown muzzle. His fur was long like Baby’s and he had stunning hazel eyes. He gently took Bomby’s paw, gave it a quick kiss, and asked, “Who was he flirting with this time?” with a soft but caring chuckle. Bomby just gave him a smile and answered, “Well no one but when Gus asked the tribe who Tigress looked like of course Tugger answered with, ‘that cute chick Rumpleteazer’,” she said in a high pitched mocking tone of voice. Seth didn’t say a word, he only raised one eyebrow as if to ask, ‘and your angry because…?’

“Okay so I’m being silly,” she gave Seth a quick, brother-like hug and continued, “So should I tell Old Deuteronomy to expect you all?”

With a silly grin on his face Seth answered Bomby’s question. “Yes we’ll be there.” And with that Bomby was off and Seth passed her message on to Baby just after the talent show ended.
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