“Oh yea, duh." Now it was Kevin's turn to blush a bit and they both laughed Then he continued, "Well, I was wondering," he paused as the waiter brought their order, then he continued. "If I gave you my home and cell
phone numbers would you call me sometimes? I'd really love it if we could stay in touch while I'm on the road."

"Oh Kevin I'd love to stay in touch with you after you leave!" Then she hugged him and they both smiled. "In fact," she said as she pulled out a pen and some paper, "here is my address and phone number as well." After
they had exchanged addresses and phone numbers
Kevin leaned over and kissed Kelly on her check. She blushed and turned away for a moment then she turned back and they hugged again.

"I hope that was okay," Kevin said in a half question like manner.

Kelly was still blushing a bit but smiled and said, "Yes, it was alright."

They stayed and talked for about twenty minutes then went back to the restaurant and joined the rest of the cast. By that time the party was beginning to break up since it was getting so late and they cast needed to get some sleep. They all hugged Marry and Kelly then double-checked to make sure they all had each other's addresses and phone numbers then the cast bored the bus to head back to the hotel.

Kevin pulled Kelly aside and they said their final tearful good byes. Then they kissed each other on the cheeks and hugged each other tightly. "I'll miss you so much," he said.

"I'll miss you too." She said threw her tears.

"I promise to write, and I'll call when I get a chance."

"I will too," she said.

"Hey Kevin," called David from the other side of the bus, "we've gota get going."

"Be right there," called Kevin. "May I kiss you?" he asked Kelly as he looked into her eyes.

"Yes," she whispered as their lips met in a gentle kiss. "You should go before I start crying even more." She whispered softly. Kevin nodded his head and bored the bus.

As Mary hugged her daughter they both cried as the bus pulled out of the parking lot on it's way to the hotel, then they walked slowly to their car and drove off.

"Would you like to stop and get a soda?" asked Mary as they drove down the street.

Kelly Ann smiled threw her tears. "Yes please." Mary smiled and they pulled into a near by. Once inside they ordered and began to talk about all that had happened over the past two weeks, they talked for a long time before they finally went home.
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