Part 6
Kevin walked up very quietly behind Kelly Ann who was practicing her cattish moves on stage while her mother was taking pictures of her. He didn't say a word but copied her moves as he watched her. As she caught a glimpse of him she blushed and smiled, she wanted to stop but he encouraged her to continue. Some of the other cast members had noticed them and ran to join in the fun. Kelly was on top of the world as she danced with her fellow CATS; all of them humming the music to "The Jellicle Ball". Then at the end of the dance the cast all crowded around Kelly Ann and hugged her and they all told her what a great dancer she was; and even threw the makeup you could tell that she was blushing. Then tears began to well up in her eyes as she told the cast how this was her first time to see the show live and about how she had watched the video everyday since it had come out. She was doing her best to wrap her mind around the fact that she was standing on the CATS stage surrounded by the cast, and she couldn't help but cry. Her makeup started to run a little as her
tears flowed.

Then Judy Carleton (Etcetera), hugged Kelly Ann and gave her a warm smile as she pulled out a tissue. “And we are so honored to be the first cast you get to see. Now stop crying love or you'll ruin your make up." Kelly didn't say anything but only smiled as Judy patted her eyes dry.

"Well now," started Kevin, "I'll tell you what we're guna do. I've talked this over with your mother, and she said it was okay with her, so," Then he paused for dramatic effect. "how would you like to be in the show tonight?"

Kelly Ann's eyes widened as she heard the words come out of Kevin's mouth. Her words began to tumble out of her mouth in what sounded, to her, like a jumbled mess. " What? W-w-wait a minute, d-d-did you just ask ME to be IN  the show?" Then she pinched herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming.

"Yes I did," he said with a big smile. "So whata say?"

She swayed softly but the cast held on to her as they congratulated her. Then reality began to hit her as a huge smile lit up her face. "You want
ME to dance with YOU? On stage? Really? As Kevin  grinned and nodded his head she caught her breath and began to scream and jump up and down. "OH MY GOD!!! I'M GOING TO BE IN CATS!!! I'M GUNA DANCE IN CATS!!!” She said as she continued screaming and hugging her mother who had, by this time, made her way over to her daughter.

"I know, Kevin talked to me about it a few minutes ago." Mary said as she hugged her daughter. Kelly Ann was beyond words by this time and all she could do was scream and try to catch her breath.

"Alright Kelly Ann, we've got forty five minutes till the show starts. This is Stacy O'Neal (Jellylourum) and Peggy Jameson (Jennyanydonts). They'll show you what to do. You'll be a chorus kitten so it'll be easy for you to slip on and off the stage. Now you can't be on stage the whole time but two or three numbers perhaps and you have to stay in the background. We don't want anyone taking too good of a look at you. Remember we're sneaking you on because the stage manager won't be here tonight and we can get away with it but be careful.”

"Okay," said Kelly Ann as she took a deep breath. Then she was off to hug her Mother and get into place.
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