Part 5
Kelly couldn't believe that she was actually backstage at CATS! 'Skimbleshanks' and 'Pouncival' gave mother and daughter the grand tour and they were both in awe. As they looked around they saw a rack of costumes, props
and different parts of the stage that were being taken out and set into place.  Normally cameras were forbidden in the theater but the cast never said a word when Kelly pulled it out and started taking pictures of everyone and everything. But the best part was when she got to take step-by-step pictures of a couple of the cast members applying their makeup!

Then she got to go out on to the stage and actually experience the junkyard for all it was worth. A few moments later her mother made her way onto the stage and as the two of them examined the stage props Kevin spoke quietly to David Murray (Munkustrap.)

"So Dave, what ya think? Think if we let the girl on stage anyone would notice?" questioned Kevin.

David returned Kevin's question with two of his own. "Are you out of your mind? How do you think you're going to get her past Mike*?" *(Mike Warner, the stage manager)*

"Unfortunately Mike has food poisoning so he's not going to be here." grinned Kevin.

"Your crazy," laughed David.

Kevin just twitched raised his eyebrows up and down. "I know," he said with a big grin and with that he was off to talk to Kelly Ann. David could only shake his head as he watched his young friend bounce off. At eighteen Kevin had an incredible instinct about people and their abilities. If he thought this girl was good enough to be in the show then you could bet your money that he was right.
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