Part 3
The alarm clock buzzed several times before Kelly realized that it was going off. Her mom called in to her. "Hey sleeping beauty it's time to get up." Sleepily Kelly reached one hand out from under her thin blanket and stopped the alarm. As she began to stir she realized that she had been dreaming the whole wonderful experience
of being in CATS. ' Who knows,' she thought as she got dressed and a big smile crossed her already happy face.

As she and Mary sat at the kitchen table she told her mother all about her dream. After breakfast they put their dishes into the dishwasher and made their beds.
And then...

Walking into the spare bedroom Kelly went right to where her and her mother's costumes were. As she flipped threw the costumes she thought about her wonderful dream. Then as she gathered the costumes and their accessories Mary sat at the two seated makeshift vanity and started getting out all if the makeup. Then Kelly sat beside her mother and the two of them began to transform themselves into Grizabella and Moonbeam Dancer.

As they did their makeup they talked and laughed, they loved spending time together and CATS was just one more way they got to do just that. Kelly told her mother all about her other CATS dreams that she had while they finished getting ready. Then they gathered their cameras, autograph books and two large bottles of water from the frig and off they went.

Part 4
When they got to the theater they quickly found a parking place then hurried up to the theater. The first thing they did before they went into the theater was to find the stage door so that they could would know where it was after the show. When they got there they found some of the actors outside getting a breath of fresh air before the show started.

"Hey look at this, a couple of out cast members got away from us." Laughed Kevin Allen, the current tour Skimbleshanks.

Kelly blushed and Mary laughed, but they didn't say anything. They didn't have the chance too because Kevin was walking around them slowly checking out their costumes. "Lets see now, you're a pretty good double for Grizabella," he said as she looked at Mary. "But you must be new to the tribe. I'm Skimbleshanks. What's your name?" he asked.

"I'm Moonbeam Dancer," said Kelly.

Then Karl Anderson jumped in, "I'm Pouncival and this is my sister Jemima, her friend Victoria and this is my brother Tumblebrutus."

Everyone greeted Mary and Kelly Ann. They were all talking and laughing and then Kevin asked them if they wanted to have a backstage tour. They were so shocked that they almost couldn't speak. They had never dreampt that they would be offered a chance to go backstage much less on their first trip to see the show live. After catching their breath for a moment they breathlessly said yes all the while thankful that their costumes were such a success with the cast.

"Well alright then, come on." Said Kevin and with that the small group of cats walked into the theater.
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