Part 2
Kelly Ann struggled to fall asleep, she was way to happy and excited to sleep but she closed her eyes anyway. She was still humming softly as a smile continued to stay on her face. Her mother's words floated threw her mind as she finally drifted into a sweet sleep.

When she woke up she was inside a cardboard box, but the really strange
thing was that she was in her CATS costume, an original cat she called Moonbeam Dancer.

The costume consisted of a high neck unitard that she dyed night blue sky. Then she used black and dark blue markers to create a crosshatching pattern. There were small bits of white in her wig to simulate the stars as well as a bit of yellow, which represented the moon, and her makeup matched her wig.

As she woke up she gave her body a nice long stretch and yawned.

"Hey Dancer, you asleep in there?" Kevin Allen the current
Skimbleshanks called out.

"Yea I guess so, how long have I been in there?" she questioned as she came crawling out of the box.

"Only about ten minutes or so," said Kimberly Truso, the current Jemima. Kelly didn't answer but instead yawned and stretched again.

"You've really been working hard Kelly, why don't you take a break." David Murray's role as Munkustrap was starting to rub off on him, much like the male version of Jennyanydots. "I'll tell you what, why don't we all take a break," he suggested.

"Oh that's a good idea, lets all get something to eat." Came Angela Delombray's voice as she kicked off Grizabella's high-heeled shoes and took off the heavy coat.

Then Karl Anderson (Pouncival), Julie Walters (Etcetera) and Sarah Clark (Victoria), started a "Pizza, pizza, pizza," chant that didn't go unanswered. They called a local pizza parlor & ordered fifteen pizzas, buffalo wings, bread sticks and sodas; one thing about it, this cast could eat!

After lunch the cast resumed their dress rehearsal. Kelly Ann's character Moonbeam Dancer was a new chorus kitty that got to go around annoying the adults and she loved every minute of it. Her cohorts were Etcetera, Jemima, Victoria and the rest of the young queens. But, she was just cheeky enough to be able to hang out with the young toms of the tribe as well.

For the rest of the afternoon the cast continued with their dress rehearsal. Kelly Ann worked hard; this was her first time with a real professional cast. This was nothing like her high school plays, this was the real thing. It had been her life long dream to be in CATS and it was finally coming true.

Opening night came and went and Kelly Ann got threw her first performance. That night she was having trouble sleeping. She thought back to the first time she had seen CATS live and how much trouble she had sleeping that night as well. But eventually she drifted off to sleep and she was soon in dreamland.
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