Sweet Jellicle Dreams
By Peggy Sue Clay ©2002
Part 1
"Jellicles can and Jellicles do. Jellicles can sing Jellicle songs Jellicles can and Jellicle do. Ta da ta da da da, da da da ta da da da da.."

Kelly Ann Swartz was having a hard time falling asleep, she kept half singing and half humming “The Jellicle Song”. Then she would start singing, "Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'm seeing CATS tomorrow!" She wanted to
get up and dance around the house but knew she couldn't. New thoughts exploded in her mind every second as she went over her item list of everything she wanted to take with her and she imagined what it would be like to see
the show live for the first time. She also wondered if she would be able to meet the cast. Her mind was racing as she tossed and turned unable to shut down her thoughts long enough to be able to sleep. Then she froze. There was a shadowy figure in the hallway and she cried out, "MACAVITY!" and pulled her sheet up around her neck and started to breath very heavily. The hall light clicked on and her mother Mary stood in the doorway. "Sorry to disappoint you sweetie but it's just me."

Kelly Ann heaved a sigh of relief as she withdrew the covers. "Oh, hi mom."

"And just why aren't you asleep young lady?" she questioned her daughter knowing full well what the answer would be.

"I'm to excited to sleep."

"I know honey but you've got to. You don't want to fall asleep during the show do you?" Mary knew her daughter would never even think about falling asleep during a performance of CATS but she couldn't help but teaser her. Kelly didn't answer her mother but instead they just looked at each other and burst into laughter as Mary sat on her daughter's bed as they continued to talk.

Mary Swartz and her daughter Kelly Ann lived alone in their medium sized three-bedroom house. Kelly's father had left them when she was just a baby. Mary hadn't worked since she had married to her now ex-husband but she slowly got back into the work force by doing odd jobs. She cleaned houses, and baby-sat but her best talents were cooking and sewing. She sold wedding and birthday cakes all year long then in the fall she would start making Halloween costumes for her neighbors and friends. As the years went by her daughter Kelly Ann began to work side by side with her mother. Mary and Kelly became an excellent working team and in time were able to buy the house they currently lived in.

Kelly Ann was sixteen and full of life, she was about 5'6" with dark hair and hazel blue eyes, she was friendly and out going but just a little on the shy side. She had a passion for the theater and helped out the theater department at school. She would paint scenery and type up property lists, whatever needed to be done she was there with a helping hand. But what she really loved was helping with the makeup and costume department. This was her area of expertise and she was almost always the stage manager for whatever show the school did.
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