Part 3 – Distracting the Kittens
Baby’s Place was all a buzz with the news of Tigress’ arrival. Since the adults were in a meeting the kittens knew that something was going on and they were determined to uncover the mystery of their visiting new queen. Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer were asked to tag along with the kittens to keep an eye out for them. And also Deuteronomy felt it best that Tigress and Rumpleteazer not see each other yet and; it was a good thing that Jemima and Electra had been so in awe of her beauty that they did not notice the fact that she looked like Rumpleteazer.

“Alright Pouncival and the rest of you toms I’m not going to tell you to settle down again.” Baby was on her toes today, all the kittens were there because of the big meeting.

Baby was a beautiful Persian and Siamese mix with very long, fluffy grey fur with black stripes. She had yellow-green eyes and her face and chest were touched with cream and brown. She was loving and very intelligent and all the Jellicles loved her because she was kind and understanding. All of the young queens looked up to her and she was like a big sister to all of the kittens.

“Well I don’t know about the rest of you guys but that new queen is a real looker and I plan to be the first one to ask her out,” Tumblebrutus announced to his friends as they all laughed. 

“Haha, so who say she’ll go for you then?” laughed Admetus. 

“No I think I’ll be the first to ask her out,” joked Plato. With all of them bursting into laughter except for Pouncival who seemed rather annoyed with the whole idea.

“Awww who wants to spend their time going out with just one queen when we’ve got a whole junkyard full of them to torment?” Tumblebrutus let out a hardy laugh,

“You just wait little brother, one of these days you’ll meet a queen who will turn your world around; and when you do you won’t think we’re so crazy.” Pouncival pretended not to hear what his brother was saying but knew in his heart that he was right.
~~~~~~Meanwhile on the other side of the café ~~~~~~
“Just look at those toms over there drawling like those disgusting Pollicles over Baby and her waitresses,” Victoria said as she rolled her eyes back in her head.

“Oh my brothers are so embarrassing!” Jemima said as Electra put her arms around her sister.

“It’s alright Jemi; besides, if you think they’re bad now just wait until they see Tigress when she’s awake,” sighed Electra.

“Don’t say that!” pleaded Jemima.

“Well how pretty can she be?” questioned Rumpleteazer.

“Very!” came Jemima’s quick answer.

“Well as long as Mungojerri doesn’t start looking her way could care less.”
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