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Welcome to the  news room.I haven't had  a lot of time to update this page but please enjoy what I do have. And if you have a news artical about CATS please e-mail it to me with the subject line - CATS News Artical.
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'CATS' Presented Beautifully

'CATS' Roles Tailored To Actors

CATS - The Story

Circa '21 Dinner Playhouse CATS Pictures - Extra

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*NEW* Brian Nelson: On becoming a Cat

*NEW* A Back Alley Look at CATS

*NEW* West End Crisis 'Near'

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*NEW* Cats: Payson Community Theatre Gracefully
Brings Production To The Utah County Stage

*NEW* Les Misérables Beats Cats As Longest-Running Musical

*NEW* 'Cats' Take Over The Community Theater Stage

*NEW* The “High Cost” Of Theatre Tickets

*NEW* Junkyard ‘CATS’ Pounce On Stage

*NEW* Make A New Memory This December With Tuts’
Production Of “Cats” November 15, 2005

*NEW* UMR Arts Series To Open With Broadway Musical 'CATS'
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